Hello! My name is Angela. I’m a

UX & UI Designer

located in the beautiful city of Halifax, NS Canada

About Me

I’m a thirty-something living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. I have 11 years experience working in IT and love what I do.

I am obsessed with making things pixel perfect and love learning new technologies and programs.

My official role right now is Lead Experience Architect or Senior Principal Consultant depending on who you ask.

I like Halloween, camp fires (but not camping), travelling and the beach.


Preferred Design Process

Like most designers, I have a preferred process. Because of tight budgets, tight timelines and limited time with the real users, I don’t always get to follow this process so I have learned to be very adaptable.


Observation. Interviews. Surveys.


Personas. Flow diagrams.


Wireframes. Prototypes.


Visual Design. CSS/LESS development. QA look and feel.

I view this process as an on-going cycle, not a single step in the development life-cycle. The steps above may need to be revisited and research, findings and deliverables may need to be re-evaluated based on feedback from the users, business owners and developers. The whole process is iterative, but especially the design and development phases.

Hire Me


I am always interested in new professional opportunities, both full-time and freelance. If you’re interested in hiring me and want to learn more about my professional experience, please don’t hesitate to email me. The best and fastest way to get a hold of me is through email (ang(at)angelaportfolio.com). Once contacted, I’d be happy to set up a phone or in-person meeting.


I currently live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and although I am not interested in relocating, I do have over 10 years experience working with remote clients. I am happy to do occasional travel to visit on-site. I have ample experience using a variety of online messaging, video and phone conferencing tools.

Wedding Stationery?

If you’re looking to contact me about a wedding related job please email angela(at)perfectpairweddings.ca. Be sure to check out our website to see more of my work: www.PerfectPairWeddings.ca

My Timeline



I am not able to post examples of most of my best work due to issues with NDAs. Please email me to ask me about some recent large scale, enterprise projects I have been working on.

My recent work is in the financial sector doing research, analysis, visual/interaction design and less/html development with Bootstrap. I’ve been working on innovation, presentations, dashboard desktop applications and tablet applications for a major Fortune 500 company.