Halloween Freebie!

Halloween Freebie!

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My maternity skeleton costume pattern and instructions. I wore this when I was pregnant with my daughter.


What you will need:
-The pattern (download it here http://angelaportfolio.com/misc/MaternitySkeletonPattern.pdf)
-Iron-on T-Shirt transfers for dark fabric, 8-1/2″ x 11″ (8 sheets)
-Black long-sleeved shirt (got mine at Walmart)
-Black long pants (got mine at Walmart, yoga pants)
-Ink-jet printer
-Pregnant lady


Before you start: READ and follow the instructions that came with the transfer sheets!

-Print off the pattern onto the iron-on transfer sheets

-Cut out the bones (be careful to keep them together or else you could have a real puzzle on your hands – for best results cut just inside the black lines so that the black lines don’t show on your bones)

-Cut out the baby – just cut as best you can around the whole baby leaving a bit of an edge (check out the close up photo above)

-Line up the bones and baby on your shirt and pants (you may want to put the shirt and pants on first and mark where you want certain pieces to go with straight pins and then very carefully take them off being careful not to move the pin, or you know, stab yourself)

-Iron on the bones

-Put shirt and pants on pregnant lady (wait for them to cool first, of course)


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